Roast Goose As a Tradition: Serendipity in San Fran.

Schroeder’s Restaurant served up roast goose on October 30. Knocked me out. A tradition: Used to cook geese and make them a centerpiece of a winter party. Got the idea from a Czechoslovakian-born grandma of my college sweetie. Continue reading

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Brilliant Weekend

San Francisco buys its weather from San Diego. Naturally, SD keeps the most temperate for itself. Except on occasion when it has to sell on distress. Then Sf gets first dibs. Most people don’t know about that.

This weekend was achingly beautiful in NorCal. Trying to determine the best place for riding boots, I experienced the Yin and Yang that is quintessentially San Franciscan. Continue reading

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500 Block of Market Street, SF

Julius Caesar once said, “I come to praise San Francisco and the American West as it is now, not to bury it in maudlin history.” A lot of people don’t know about that.

Yet, history is a perspective for the present. After 39 years where do I begin? Leaving the Mid-Atlantic seaboard was necessary.And splendidly easy. Had to escape the grime, the litter, the this-is-the-way-it’s-gonna-be-regardless. Taking off in a blizzard, landing into a fog. Being driven through the fog, across the Golden Gate, up Mount Tamilpais, through to spectacular, quintessentially Californian sunshine. A sea of snow-white foam with two islands, the other being Mount Diablo. Smitten by the intangible promise within that reality. Later that day, San Francisco asked me to stay; so I did. Continue reading

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