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Greg Hayden Another Merchant Marine Page


Theron P. Snell’s article on how to search for World War II vessel information.


Visit Down to the Sea for some great links by R. Jeffrey.


Maurice Bosse’s Mariner’s All-In-One Page site has many great links.


John Kohnen’s Nautical Links List


Bruce Sherman has a good marine web site with a great engine room tour.


Rick Boggs “The Merchant Mariner’s Homeport”


Rick Boggs Engine Room Tour to see a Sulzer RTA84C run as well as steam turbines and steam engines.


Capt. D.R. Webb’s Maritime, Merchant Marine, Ships & Nautical Links


David A. Naess Maritime Links for some great connections.


Jordy Asjes has the Nautical Internet web site in the Nederlands.


Peter Thompson’s database contains all the Liberty Ships produced, in alphabetical order. The database contains place and dates of construction, and details of sinkings, scrapping and service. Peter Thompson’s site has links to other Liberty ship websites.


Harold “Bud” Schmidt, Sr has a “Welcome Aboard” page with links to sites that World War II Merchant Marine Veterans will enjoy.


Vern Hurst has the web site as a WW II Merchant Marine Veteran to serve as a vehicle for all Veterans.


Visit My Merchant Marines for WWII family history by Mark Trainor.


The S/S Lane Victory is based in San Pedro, CA and takes visitors on a day cruise.


The Mariners’ Museum in Newport News, VA has a library with photos and articles. They have a research staff to help the public.


Maritime Museum Links” to much of the maritime information around the world.


The Council of American Maritime Museums (CAMM) is an organization dedicated to preserving North America’s maritime history.


Marine Transport Line history.


Visit Moore-McCormack Lines history.


The Council of American Master Mariners (CAMM) is a nationwide professional organization of active and retired ship masters and pilots in the American Merchant Marine.


For information on the British Merchant Navy, visit the Red Duster web site.


Portuguese Merchant Ships (1950 – 1980) pictures and links by Jose A. Pimenta de França.


Urbain Ureel’s web site, Urbain’s Nautical Page has information on specifically but not exclusively European nautical matters of a historical and contemporary nature.


Dimitry G. Malkov has this site for the Russia-Japanese War 1904-1905 with pictures of ships and information on vessels over 100 years old.


Martin Leduc has a good Marine Engineering web site.


Amy L. Bradley, vanished at sea.


Information for Riverboat pilots and mariners on America’s waterways are in the
Wheelhouse Report. News about the U.S. Coast Guard, the Corps of Engineers, organized labor and other marine and labor-related topics.


Captain Ann’s “Captains Booty” is a web site made especially for finding information and/or work in the offshore industry.


National Waterways Conference has worked to ensure the wisest management of America’s waterways.


Inland Rivers Ports and Terminals (IRPT).


Jim Martindale’s Reference Desk for Maritime, Ships, Sailing, Boating with links to information.


Ships and Flags by Josef Nuesse has some good links to European sites.


Alberto Mantilla has the site Sea & Ships from Spain. It has both photographs and links.


Great Lakes & International Ship Photograph Archives at by Jeff Cameron is a good site for vessel pictures.


International Maritime Organization (IMO)


International Association of Classification Societies – IACS was formed in 1968 to promote the highest standards in safety and pollution prevention and to consult and co-operate closely with the maritime industry and its leading international organisations.


The Maritime Law Association of the United States was founded in 1899.


Glossary of Maritime Law Terms from McGill University in Canada by William Tetley, Q.C.†.


The Ogletree law firm has information on the Jones Act about Maritime Law.


The Propeller Club of the United States is a grassroots, non-profit organization, whose membership resides throughout the United States and the world.


American Society of Naval Engineers


SNAME The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers


IMARE The Institute of Marine Engineers


The Society of Marine Port Engineers New York, NY., Inc


The Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering was incorporated by Federal Charter in April 1976.


U.S. Merchant Marine web site.


The Marine Club of New Orleans


The International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots (MM&P)


Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association, MEBA District 1 web site.


Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association Telex Times by John Peige.


Seafarers’ International Union of North America (SIUNA) web site.


American Maritime Officers, or (AMO)  represents the vast majority of licensed officers who serve aboard U.S.-flagged vessels in the iron ore, coal, stone, cement, salt, petroleum, and grain trades on the Great Lakes.


Sailors’ Union of the Pacific (SUP) is a union of unlicensed sailors that work in the deck, engine, and steward’s departments in U.S.-flag vessels under contract to the Union.


Marine Firemen’s Union is the official website of the Pacific Coast Marine Firemen, Oilers, Watertenders and Wipers Association.


The International Longshore and Warehouse Union, AFL-CIO (ILWU) web site.


International Lonshoremen’s Association Union, AFL-CIO (ILA)


NUMAST is a UK trades union for ships’ officers.


Swedish Dockworkers Union


The Maritime Union of Australia represents 10,000 Australian stevedoring workers, seafarers and, as a key affiliate of the International Transport Workers’ Federation, 320,000 of the world’s seafarers.


Multiport Ship Agencies Network Steamship Agents around the world.


Canadian Shipowners’ Association


Norwegian Shipowners’ Association


Spanish Shipowners’ Association


Swedish Shipowners´ Association


Japanese Shipowners’ Association


The Baltic and International Maritime Council


The Bangkok Shipowners and Agents Association (BSAA) has a key objective to promote general shipping interest in Thailand.


The Connecticut Maritime Coalition CMC is an active group in the N.E. part of the U.S.


The Finnish Maritime Administration (FMA) is a government agency attending to the smooth running and safety of navigation in Finland.


International Maritime Pilots Association, IMPA


European Maritime Pilots’ Association, EMPA web site.


Amercian Pilots’ Association, APA


Florida Pilot Associations, FPA


Atlantic Pilotage Authority is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Australian Marine Pilots Association (AMPA)


Brazil’s National Pilotage Council (CONAPRA)


Trinity House Pilotage has about 60% of the deep sea pilot business in England.


Maritime Global Net (MGN)


The U.S. Coast Guard web site on STCW information and Information Center for U.S. Mariner License, Document, or Certificate of Registry Requirements. Also, this site contains information relevant to individuals working or desiring to work in the shipboard marine industry.


U.S. Coast Guard Port State Control for information on Detention lists, Annual Flag List, Annual Class List for an indication on safety problems in our maritime industry.


U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center (NAVCEN)  The U.S. Coast Guard’s NAVCEN webpages will be nonoperational until sometime in March.


U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety and Environmental Protection information.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers information for the marine industry.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center has information on cargo through seaports and vessel statistics for the U.S. Go to the Reports and Products button.


The Federal Maritime Commission is composed of five Commissioners appointed for five year terms by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate. Not more than three members of the Commission may belong to the same political party. The President designates one of the Commissioners to serve as Chairman. The Chairman is the chief executive and administrative officer of the agency.


U.S. State Department travel warnings.


The U.S. Department of Agriculture has Ocean Freight IFB’s for shipment of free grain.


For information on U.S. Coast Guard License requirements.


Canadian Coast Guard web site.


UK Coastguard Agency web site.


New Zealand Coastguard website.


New Zealand Qualifications Required for working at sea.


Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) providing services to Australia in maritime safety, aviation and marine search and rescue, and protection of the marine environment from ship sourced pollution.


Marine Weather Links.


Sea Conditions are shown from sea bouys.


National Weather Service Marine Product Dissemination Information has links to marine weather conditions in several formats.


The Houston Chronicle ran the Lost At Sea articles By Jim Morris and Kevin Moran on the maritime industry.


EU Report on the safety of seaborne oil trade. This is 662k, 121 pages, easy reading with good statistics using an Acrobat® Reader.


Direct e-mail from a vessel to any Internet address through PinOak Safe Seas Association Inc. A new era has commenced in the delivery of text marine weather forecasts along with color graphics forecast maps and E-mail.


Maritime Mobile Service Network


The Transportation Institute presents U.S. flag views on policy debates, Institute commentary on particular issues and reporting on developments and announcements.


Kenneth Newhams Duluth Shipping News covers Great Lakes news.


Find a relative at Great Lakes Shipping Genealogy.


Lake Carriers’ Association is the trade association representing U.S. Flag vessel operators on the Great Lakes.


Great Lakes Vessel Passage created and maintained by Neil Schultheiss and dedicated to the vessels that ply the waters of the great inland sea.


Yahoo – Maritime


KORAB Marine Links from Gdansk, Poland.


Internet Ferry Guide listed alphabetically with a brief description of the sphere of operation.


European Shortsea Network (SSN) is to promote
short sea in the broadest sense of the word on a European level. Short sea shipping means the movement of cargo and passengers by sea between ports situated in geographical Europe or between those ports and ports situated in non-European countries having a coastline on the enclosed seas bordering Europe.


International Marine Purchasing Association (IMPA)


Marine Log’s Buyers Guide lists many of our marine suppliers.


ISSA Ship Suppliers for ship chandlers around the world.


The Seaports Infopages is the WWW site of Compass North America, Inc.


Direct Links to Port and Harbor Authorities.


Freightworld Seaports


Cargo Port Links for seaports around the world.


The Seaport Page has links to several seaports where information is hard to find.


Visit The American Association of Port Authorities for information on many seaports.


Seaports of the Americas Online, companion site to Seaports of the Americas – The AAPA Directory.


Fairplay Publications Limited has Ports Guide On-Line for a search of seaport information.


The Associated British Ports for coverage on British seaports.


International Association of Ports and Harbors is a worldwide association of ports and harbors, founded in 1955. IAPH is a non-profit, non-governmental organization headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

International Association Cities and Ports (I.A.C.P.)


European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO)


Seaport Web Cams for pictures of various ports and docks.


Lloyds List is a world leader in the provision of shipping, maritime, trade, insurance, energy and legal business intelligence.


Maritime Data has information for a membership fee.


Sea World topics related to the Marine and Fishing Industry.


MariNet is a commercial online information service for the Marine and Ocean Technology community.


The Journal of Commerce Online.


Maritime Link Net has a commercial site for maritime information.


Marine Digest Maritime Links page


Chemical Tanker information.


International Association of Independent Tanker Owners (INTERTANKO) information and news.


Click on the Feature Article at Cruise Industry News or go to the Job Market section.


Shipping Times Online – Singapore


Marine Money is the Ship Finance Publication of Record, is the premier magazine providing financial information to the maritime industry.


Maritime Reporter and Engineering News


Marine Log for extensive news on the maritime industry.


Fairplay The independent international publishing, information and computer software organisation.


Professional Mariner journal of the maritime industry.


American Shipper – Journal of International Logistics.


WaterLine is a newsletter on Australian maritime issues.


For Cargo Letter News


National Association of Marine Surveyors, Inc. (NAMS


The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS


The International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) of interest and use to marine insurance professionals.


Transport Legazapi is a Spanish language web site covering transportation in Spain.


The Seamen’s Church Institute – NYC


InfoMARE Italy – marine links.


International Trade & Transportation Links


ShipNet Vancouver is a good source of information for the British Columbia part of Canada as well as all maritime sites.


NSnet, the Maritime Industry’s chart to news, information and services.


The Marine Society provides education, library services, and financial support to professional British seafarers.


Sea Companion World Marine Index has information and links to various maritime sites.


Liner Shipping Network is an on-line community for the liner shipping industry. There is a fee for membership.


Marine Talk features weekly technical news, latest technologies, equipment, services and business contacts.


PakistaniMaritime eGroup for Maritime Shipping Business, Pakistan Shipping and International Shipping online Interests.


Maritime & Aviation Links


The Armchair Sailor is a bookstore with videos.


The Maritime Home Page has maritime books and resources for boaters, professional mariners, marine educators, marine spill response, oil exploration & transportation, and for those interested in the oceans.


ProStar Publications publishes technical publications for the commercial maritime industry.


Maritime Matters presents the Cox Collection of ship photographs and postcards with shipping company histories and illustrations of their ships with individual histories.


The Art of Ships is a small art studio specializing in the rendering of ships and the sea.


Table Bay Underway Shipping is a Ship Photographer from South Africa. A good variety of ship photos.


The Songs of the Sea.


Go to Maidhof Bros.Ltd Shipware Merchants for tons of authentic old ship’s relics filched from the dead and dying ships of the world.


The Brass Binnacle has nautical gifts.


Tug Boat and Tow Boat Gifts and collectibles at the Compass Locker.


Pelican Tide has nautical gifts.


U.S. Naval Time to set your computer clock.


Time and Date World Clock has the current time in 120 cities around the world.