Maritime Museums

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These are some of the Internet museum sites that I have found that contain information pertaining to the Maritime Industry.

Maritime Museum
 This webplace offers comprehensive links by U.S. state and other regions
around the world!
Council of American Maritime Museums
 Links to members and affiliate members.
Maritime and Naval Museums in Britain and Ireland
 The main file lists about 280 museums and museum-ships in Britain and Ireland, in alphabetical order of the usual names for the museums.
The Mariners’ Museum – Newport News
 A library with photos and articles.  They have a research staff to help the public.
The Navy Museum
 The Navy Museum is part of the Naval Historical Center which includes a library, archives, photographic and other research facilities.
Naval Historical Center
 The Center now includes a museum, art gallery, research library, archives, and curator as well as research and writing programs.
Mystic Seaport
 Information on many aspects of the maritime history of the United States.
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum
 The library is primarily a research library for scholars and researchers of maritime history and related fields.
Maine Maritime Museum
 The library contains information on every aspect of Maine maritime history and coastal life.
North Carolina Maritime Museum
 A mission to preserve and interpret all aspects of North Carolina’s rich maritime heritag.
Richardson Maritime Museum
 Dorchester County’s influence on Chesapeake Bay traditional wooden sailing vessels.   Museum is in Cambridge, MD.
Mel Fisher Maritime Museum
 This Key West, FL museum has a wide range of artifacts, from gold and silver bars; over 4,000 silver coins; a gold chalice, known as the “poison cup”; and a six-inch gold cross, set with some of the finest emeralds in the world, to swords, guns, pottery, and personal effects from the 1622 fleet.  Shipwreck treasures from the Spanish Galleons Nuestra Señora de Atocha and Santa Margarita which sank in off the shore of Key West during a September 1622 hurricane fill the History and Treasure Galleries.
Wisconsin Maritime Museum
 History of the maritime industry of the Upper Great Lakes region.
San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park
 Ships and ship documents are on display at Hyde Street Pier, the Maritime Museum, and the Maritime Museum Library.
Los Angeles Maritime Museum
 Galleries of exhibits exploring the maritime history of Southern California.
Columbia River Maritime Museum
 Oregon and Washington exibits of the Columbia River maritime history.
Houston Maritime Museum
 History of the maritime industry of from the work of James Marizolillo. This individual retired from the maritime industry and built a museum to show some of the items collected in his world travels.

The National Maritime Museum – Greenwich, England

 Covering every aspect of ships and seafaring, in peace and at war, from pre-history to today.
Scottish Maritime Museum
 Scotland’s influence on the maritime history of the world.
Australian National Maritime Museum
 Features historic vessels and migrant ships.  Also offers research facility for genealogy.
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
 The oldest and largest Maritime Museum in Canada.
Vancouver Maritime Museum
 With both exhibits and library, it is the principal maritime museum on the Pacific Coast of Canada.
The Maritime Museum of British Columbia
 Provides the colorful story of BC’s coastal heritage.
South African Maritime Museum
 Dedicated to the preservation of South Africa’s Maritime Heritage.
Ushuaia Maritime Museum
 This Argentina Museum has exibits, library and art gallery.
NZ National Maritime Museum
 14 main Exhibition Galleries showcasing New Zealand’s maritime history.
Åland Maritime Museum
 To work to disseminate knowledge of and interest in Åland shipping, its history and its significance.
Maritime Museum in Sweden
 The Naval Museum has a long tradition stretching back to 1752.
Göteborgs Maritima Centrum
 Göteborg has a large group of ships to tour.
Bermuda Maritime Museum
 This museum is the island’s largest and most-visited attraction and custodian of Bermuda’s fascinating maritime tradition.
Hellenic Maritime Museum
 Naval activity of the Greeks from ancient times until today.
Aegean Maritime Museum
 Maritime history of the Aegian from the 8th millennium BC.